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Price:₹ 2500
Net Wt.: 300Gm
Servings: 60
Direction For Use: On Workout Days, Take 1 Serving 5g. 45 Minutes Before Your Workout and 1 Serving 5g. 15 to 30 Minutes After Your Workout or as Recommended by the Dietician.
Description: Bodysterone L-Glutamine Is the Most Abundant Amino Acid in the Body and Plays an Important Role in Muscle Recovery and Muscle Protein Development. During Periods of Intense Exercise, L-Glutamine Levels Can Be Depleted Which May Limit Protein Synthesis. Each Serving of Bodysterone L-Glutamine Provides 5 Grams of 100% Micronized L-Glutamine, Which May Help Support Recovery Post-exercise. Bodysterone L-Glutamine Mixes Instantly and Is Completely Tasteless. Consider Adding It to Your Pre-workout Drink, Your Post-workout Protein Shake or Your Favorite Sports Beverage. For Best Results are Obtained When L-glutamine Is Used in Conjuction With BODYSTERONE Whey Protein Range...

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